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Hi! I'm Markus Levlin,
I can help you with IPR.

I’m a father, nerd, sailor, and an experienced European Patent Attorney covering IPR in general and patents in particular, in Finland, Europe, and globally. I focus on optimizing the value of IPR decisions on the strategic level. IPR is only valuable and relevant if it can help your company now and in the future.

I have worked on IPR since 1996 and have experience in the management of the largest patent law firm in Finland as well as a listed software company. Lately I have focused more on new product development, IPR, and advisor positions in startups. I have worked both in the practicalities of the IPR and strategic positions. For more detailed work history, please visit my LinkedIn profile.

Holistic IPR services,
because strategy matters.

Planning your future

Funding comes soon, product launch then, new market next year - what to do with IPR with the budget we have, always too little time and manpower?

Patent applications, tedious paperwork

Drafting applications, fighting to get them through patent offices in Finland and globally through my network. This is what I do.

Finding your invention

You have this mess, this big pile of ideas, the upcoming product launch, right? And only the need to do something. I will find and define your invention, to get at the protectable thing. Like the sculpture in a raw block of stone - it is there, somewhere.

Startup hand holding

You don’t need just a dog who barks when paid and ordered. You need someone to guide you and explain the strange things. To hold your hand through the unfamiliar landscape.

This is how I work,
no unexpected invoices.

Step 1Meeting

First meeting is always free. Let's get to know each other and get a feel if we can be helpful for each other. This way I can get an overview of your business and your ideas.

Step 2Plan and offer

Often I can create a plan and an offer during the first meeting. Mostly I offer a fixed price for the entire work. No open-ended hourly billing, unless that is what you want.

Step 3Project

When you accept the offer and give your go ahead I will start working according to the plan.

Step 4Review of results

Finally, after producing the report or the patent application, I would like go through the outcome with you to make sure you have digested all the critical information.


Phone and Whatsapp+358 40 738 1842
Public portfolioLinkedIn
Mail addressAavasaksantie 13, 00560 Helsinki
Markus Levlin

The story of Kehitin

I established Kehitin Oy in June 2013 in order to work more with startups and new product development in SMEs. I have guided many newcomers into the wonderful world of IPR and patents. The critical emphasis is always on creation of the maximum possible value through an understanding of the totality of the situation of your company. I want to know your business, not just this little improvement in tech.

New inventions and technology has always excited the little creator and nerd inside me. I feel at home working with inventive and energetic people who create new business to change the world.

Your success is meaningful to me - my benefit follows from your benefit.


Kehitin Oy:n takana on Markus Levlin, kokenut patenttialan ammattilainen ja patenttiasiamies. Kaivan tuotekehityksenne tulosten kasasta asiat, joiden patentointi tukisi liiketoimintaanne. Hoidan patenttihakemuksen laatimisen ja patentointiprosessin Suomessa ja kansainvälisesti. Piirrän tiekartan ja ohjaan, kun sumuisia vaihtoehtoja on edessäsi liikaa. Opetan, selitän, ja autan välttämään karikot. Rakennan teille toimivan IPR-strategian kanssasi. Oletko huolissasi lempilapsestasi, innostuksesi kohteesta? Minäkin haluan innostua maailmanvalloituksestasi ja huolehtia, ettei se ainakaan IPR:istä jää kiinni.